Vikas Meshram makes it to Team India!

Vince Lombardi had remarked that football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. Mr. Vikas Meshram can vouch for that.


He labored at farms and his father at construction sites, which wasn’t enough to buy even the most basic of necessities. Bad company of friends landed him in prison for a year, after which he mended his ways and sought refuge at Slum Soccer because of his love of football. Vikas is now a youth leader at Slum Soccer and is the coach of the Under-14 team of both boys and girls at the near village called Gumthala. And from the recent trials organized by Slum Soccer for Homeless World Cup 2018 Team India, Vikas is in the team.


He has struggled a lot through his life, sometimes for things, others take for granted. He is now hoping for a chance to show the world how much life has hardened him, how much circumstances have taught him and how much he is looking forward to bring the Homeless World Cup to India.

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Tottenham Hotspur Foundation at Slum Soccer!

Slum soccer is in partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, strives to bring about change in communities by training coaches for the development of grassroots football.

From 15th till 17th of August coaches from Tottenham Hotspur Mr. Richard Allicock and Mr. Dan Dodge conducted the training program for Slum Soccer coaches working in different cities of India such as Participants from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Yawatmal, and Nagpur.

This program was organized to not only improve the football skills of the children but also, positive behavior, build their self-esteem, steer them away from potential unemployment or crime. During the training, the trainers also made aware the coaches about child protection and behavior of a coach both on and off the field.


The sessions were conducted on and off-Field. The off sessions consisted of smile concept (S- safe, M-maximum participation, I- Inclusion L- learning, E-enjoyment), child protection, age-appropriate coaching, and the environment for children they expect from the coach.


After the THFC delivered the sessions, the coaches were asked to design the sessions to be delivered amongst themselves. The idea behind it was, the trainers wanted to see the way they coach. The sessions were well observed by THFC coaches and they gave their inputs about how to improve a team and an individual performance, by the implementation of specific endurance.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to help us grow our programme” Abhijeet Barse CEO- Slum Soccer.


Richard Allicock, Community Development Manager at the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, said: “To date, we have run several successful programmes in India, but we like this development of football and development through football a lot. Throughout the course of the training, all the coaches worked hard and improved their skills enormously.

During their stay, they also visited a community we are working with their support. They conducted a football session and play football with children.



National sports day celebration 2018!

Slum Soccer organized “National sports day celebration” on the 29th August at Slum Soccer Academy Bokhara Nagpur. This day was marked by celebration by organizing “Fair Play Festival” aimed at encouraging the children to play sports and be physically fit, at the same time understanding the values of Fair Play.



For us playing football is not just about winning or loosing; there is a deeper reason as to why we play sports and why there is a sports competition. It gives us many essential key skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and discipline. It also brings about inclusion, and diversity in the community.


Keeping this in mind, we organized the “fair play festival” with around participants from the community centers we work in.


The Festival began with forming teams amongst the participants. A team consisted of 4 boys and 4 girls, the teams then had to come up with their own rules they would consider, such as the teams had a specific area to score a goal, girl’s score will be counted double, if any teams score both the teams have to celebrate, etc. The uniqueness of the festival was that every game was played without Referee. Every team had a teamer, who also known as captain. During the play, if any accident or foul occurs, they had to stop the game and discuss it.


During the tournament girls and boys were helping each other to score a goal. There were many such issues being addressed by girls and boys unknowingly on the field of football. A quick feedback session post the tournament revealed that at first they felt a bit weird having to decide on the rules and implement them, however as the games progressed they felt it most empowering experience they had.

 Infocepts lifts Inaugural Corporate Charity Cup!

Corporate Charity League on 18th August 2018  was held to provide an opportunity to the corporate employees to participate in a football tournament as well as to raise awareness about social development amongst corporate sectors of Nagpur. Another important thrust was also to begin a fundraising campaign for this years India team at the Homeless World Cup which will be held in Mexico City, Mexico in November this year.


Teams from the corporates such as Lupin Limited, Crowdera, InfoCepts,  and Ceinsys Tech Limited participated.

In the tournament InfoCept and Lupin Limited came face to face for the final. Infocept dominated the match right from the beginning of the match. They won by 7-0 and engraved their name on the trophy of the league.

“Thank you slum soccer and Crowdera for making us a part of the great initiative that you are working on. We really enjoyed playing football in the wonderful facility at Bokhara. Playing the matches under floodlights and in rains was a novel experience for us and this will be etched in our memories forever” Says Lupin Limited.


Slum Soccer is a Nagpur based FIFA-awarded Football for Development organization that uses football as a tool to educate, empower and provide opportunities to diverse and underprivileged communities throughout India. For the past 17 years, Slum Soccer has been sending Team India at the Homeless World Cup. And every year since the first participation teams are improving not just performance but also ranking. In the last year in Oslo Norway, Team India took a huge leap from 24th to 18th position in the World Cup.



This year the Homeless World Cup will be held in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico will welcome India along with 50 other nations across the world. With the support of Corwdera we launched the campaign to raise fund to send team India to Mexico at the Homeless World Cup 2018.


Then the tournament moved towards the prize distribution. Pro. Vijay Barse (Founder & secretary-slum soccer) Dr. Abhijeet Barse (CEO-Slum Soccer) and Chet Jain (Founder-Crowdera) were present.


Zopadpatti Football Tournament 2018!

This year this most divergent and energetic Slums tournament was held in July and August across 6 different zones of Nagpur participating 8 teams in each zone. The foremost aim of the tournament is to provide underprivileged children a chance to participate and bring out the hidden talent.


The tournament which commenced in July was played in a league format. The winner and runner teams from all the 5 different zones came together for the final tournament at Slum Soccer Academy on Diversity Pitch Bokhara, Nagpur.

1)      Rebels FC

2)      Seminary Hills Boys

3)      Gauhar FC

4)      Uday FC

5)      Gandhi Putla Boys

6)      Jayatala FC

7)      Mariam FC

8)      Kandapeth FC

9)      Gaddigodam FC

10)   Lal Darwaja FC

After playing the Knock-out matches, four teams successfully made their ways to the semi-final, which were Gauhar FC, Lal Darwaja, Rebel FC and Mariam FC.

The first semi-final was played between Gauhar FC vs. Rebels FC. The full of action match ended with0-4. A player from Rebels FC Ishant Jadhav scored first two goals by finding the target in the 9th and 12th munites. In the second half Altamsh Ansari(20 min) and Yash Kapde (24min) from Gauhhar Fc scored the goal. Tanay Sharma scored a goal in the last moments of the match and took Rebels FC in the Final.

Lal Darwaja and Mariam FC Played the 2nd semifinal match. This thrilling game was decided in the penalties. The regulation score was 1-1. Mariam FC player Devesh Jambhulkar scored the goal in the first half (13 min) and  Lal Darwaja player Sheikh Raju (14min).

In the penalty shootouts, Mariam FC emerged as the winner by beating Lal Darwaja FC with 3-2. From the winner team players Nirish Baisaware, Chirag Naidu and Saurabh Chaurasiya converted in their penalties into goals.


The final match was played on the most auspicious day 15th August. The day began with the third-place match, which started off with an intense battle between Gauhar FC and Lal Darwaja, in which Gauhar FC achieved the victory by 3:2.

These final matches raised the pressure enormously. The match saw some electrifying and intense moment and action. In the regulation time Gaurav Rangari scored a goal on 17 min (Rebels FC) from then Nimish Baisawar scored on 25 min (Mariam FC) scored each goal. Then the match was decided into the penalty shootouts in which NImish Baisawar, Chirag Naidu and Saurabh Chaurasia from Mariam FC successfully scored each penalty and lifted the trophy of Zopadpatti football tournament 2018.


For the closing ceremony  Richard Allicock (Community Development Manager) and Daniel Dodge (Quality assurance manager) from Tottenham Hotspur Foundation  and Prof. Vijay Barse, were the chief guests for the closing ceremony who along with CEO Dr. Abhijeet barse and Mukesh Jambhulkar (UCN)  gave away the prizes and encouraged them to continue playing sports.

This tournament was supported by Generation Amazing, the football-focused corporate social development programme of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar’s delivery and legacy authority for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.




Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop.

India has the world’s highest number of 10- to-24-year-olds with an estimated 356 million. Around half of these adolescents are female, who mainly in rural areas are unable to play or rather leave their house during their menstruation. Even they are also not allowed to go to the schools in those days. This not only affects their education but also their future opportunities. These problems caused many issues such as child marriage and therefore early pregnancy. Educating adolescent girls brings substantial returns including faster economic growth, reduced child marriage, delayed pregnancy, increased well-being, and fostering democracy.


So in order to solve these problems through our MHM project, we organized training for coaches with a total of 20 women coaches from YFC, Oscar, Dream a dream, Magic Bus, Yuwa, Jeevan Rekha Parishad and slum soccer to understand the MHM curriculum between 20th and 21st July 2018 at slum soccer academy Bokhara Nagpur. The training program was facilitated by Kinjal Sharma, trainer, Wash United both on and off the field.

MHM 000

The training began with the expectation setting in which the participants expressed their expectations, hopes, and fears for the training. Some of the expectations of the group included gaining understanding and skills to facilitate change on menstrual hygiene management, national experience sharing and knowledge of MHM practices and approaches in different contexts (rural, poor, women and girls)


Most of the religions were also deemed to perpetuate these socially instituted taboos and stigma. One of the participants gave an example that in her faith, she is not allowed to enter the temple when she is menstruating because if she did something terrible would happen. She did eventually venture into the temple when menstruating. Nothing happened to her. This generated a discussion on the role of religion in promoting inequality and how often social interpretations of ‘religion’ and ‘culture’ continue to instill fear as they mirror societal stereotypes that control women’s agency and thereby perpetuate inequality.

mhm 123Throughout the 2nd half of the first day, the participants were taught the games from the MHM resource guide, which included both on and off the field sessions. Although it was their first time in such training, they were playing football confidently and understanding the concept undoubtedly. After experiencing the sessions it was participants turn to organize girls from the community and conduct the sessions amongst them girls.

I have never attended such training which has a football component in it. However, I enjoyed it more than the previous pieces of training I attended. It has helped me a lot to learn about menstruation while playing. I am sure that many girls won’t hesitate to talk about Menstruation because the games and conversation just trigger them to talk.

Try out for the Homeless World Cup 2018!

We organised a football trial to select India team to participate at the Homeless World Cup 2018 in Mexico. It was held for the players both men and women aged above 17 years from the underprivileged section of the society  at slum soccer Academy Bokhara, Nagpur from 25th to 28th August 2018.


A total of 39 including 19 women Players from various states such as Jammu & Kashmir, west Bengal, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala tried out in the trial.


The training program was led by the coach Mr. Homkant Surandase. The players had four sessions throughout the period through which they were monitored mentally, physically as well as technically.



Every individual seemed very much confident and determined to represent their nation. 20  players (10 men and 10 women) have been shortlisted to further attend the final selection in August 2018.



Shakti Girls (U-17) and Gymkhana FC (open) win big at Shakti Cup!

Women’s Shakti Cup was held at slum soccer academy at Diversity pitch Bokhara Nagpur between 21st  to 22nd  July 2018 in a very grand manner to develop football among girls in the region under Shakti Girls project. The tournament saw 180 participants and calculating 12 teams of U-17 and 6 teams of open category from across the region including Yavatmal, Wardha, Gondia, Nagpur, Amravati and Bhandara.


The Gymkhana FC successfully bagged first position after beating Gondia FC. After the full time it was 1-1 so it went to a further 10 minutes of extra time. A lot of people had heard the commotion and made their way to support so the atmosphere was brilliant for extra time and eventual penalties, which Gymkhana FC won by 3-2.


The ground was buzzing with excitement and positive action throughout the tournament. For some of the teams it was first time to participate in football tournament. However, they played their game such a as if it was not new to them.


In the U-17 category, the final was played between Shakti Girls and Amravati, with Shakti Girls winning 1-0 with a late ‘goal mouth scramble’ goal.

“The day was a great experience for me. We had never played tournament on such ground with these many teams competing enthusiastically” says Kalyani from Amravati team.

The support, the commitment and the enthusiasm were the key components for the tournament – everyone involved was so positive that no matter what went wrong such as players not having shoes, or the nets for the goals not turning up, or players not wearing the same kit – in the end the girls got to play football, compete against their friends and play in front of a lot of people all supporting from the side.


Ms. Sunita Dhote, Akshita Jain, and Prof.VijayBarse, were the chief guests for the closing ceremony who along with CEO Dr. Abhijeet barse gave away the prizes and encouraged them to continue playing sports.

This tournament was supported by Generation Amazing, the football-focused corporate social development programme of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar’s delivery and legacy authority for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Final module of Game Changers

Final module of Project Game Changers (Youth Leadership Training program) was carried out successfully in  Nagpur. This program brought together 90 participants from 16 different states of India who had previously attended 1st and 2nd module of the program.

This program was scheduled from 29th June till 1st  of July at District Sport Office Mankapur Nagpur.

Game Changers was aimed at upscaling their knowledge about their communities and by planning and executing activities within themselves. Moreover, It was looking at setting them on the path of community development by instilling our Football for Development methodology in their minds.  


The training comprised of multiple subjects such as

  • Building capacity of the community youth on becoming a gamechanger for the development of the community.
  • identifying the problems of the community and creating awareness for the betterment of the communities.
  • Organizing and managing football tournaments for children in their  community.36479513_1663216850461632_1569689806567374848_o

“I have faced multiple challenges in my childhood, I thought it was usual for every child because I was unaware of all this. I attended 1st and 2nd module in Mumbai and came for the final module in Nagpur. aAll these training not just made me aware but enabled and boosted me to make children play football”, says Neeru Verma from Punjab.

“I had no idea that football can also be played to approach and address social issues”, says Ashutosh from Chattisgarh.


The Game Changer program was designed by Slum Soccer and supported by Sony Pictures Networks India. During these three months, the participants were introduced and taught about various aspects of a ‘professional career’. On the final day all the participants organized a Festival in which they implemented their learnings with 120 children from surrounding  communities of Mankapur.

The Game Changers are now ready to step forward towards betterment of their respective communities!


Plant for the Planet!

Growing level of plastic waste is becoming unmanageable for the whole country. This current situation of the environment could have dangerous affect on the lives of many. In the light of this scenario Slum soccer puts a small step towards making the communities aware and directing it towards greener environment by putting more efforts on this occasion of “Environment Day”.

The main objective of the celebration was to make younger generation more sensitive towards environmental protection and bringing about environmental sustainability in the communities. Due to lack of facilities in the communities, they used to dump the garbage around their homes. It causes them and their children to have multiple health issues. To make the communities garbage free we gathered the community members and held a community movement.


Our Founder Pro. Vijay Barse, inspired every member of community to work collectively for the protection of Earth and emphasised on the need to build a greener world.  He said, “Present scenario seeks the change in our lifestyle. It is the moral duty of every resident of planet Earth to make it clean.”


In the community movement we collected the garbage by going each and nook and corner of the village. Then we informed Gram Panchayat to later dispose it off. To beat plastic pollution, and sustainable solution we instilled a massage “If you can’t re-use refuse to use it” in their mind. Number of trees were also planted in the village to help the environment.