Vishal Gargelwar made World Water Day a great success!

What a week for Vishal Gargelwar an emerging and creative Youth Leader

One of our youngest Youth Leaders, 19 years old from Koradi was given a chance to organize his first ever event; World Water Day on 22nd of March 2018. To celebrate the Day, he gathered Slum soccer staff and community children and organized a nice program including a game based on “Save the water” which he designed by himself. This game conveyed the message of saving water with so much fun.


On the previous day he heard somewhere that 22rd of March is celebrated as World Water Day. So he himself took a lead to organise and celebrate the day. Although it was his first ever program, he successfully carried out it.

His journey started on the ground, on which he got to know the beautiful game: Koradi ground. When Vishal was 15 he started coming to the ground in order to watch the older players playing football, enjoy watching them and have a kick about with his school friends. This kicking of a ball didn’t stay a pastime for long, but developed into a passion for Vishal. After a while the head coach of the Slum soccer team, who also trained on Koradi ground, noticed Vishal’s skills and asked him to join the Slum soccer team as a player. After becoming the top scorer of the next month,  he was chosen to become a youth leader by the children in his area. Previously, he had gone through a young leadership training program which enabled him to think about his community.


“The development Vishal made in recent years has been incredible, not only footballwise but also in terms of his personality”, said Homkant the head coach.

Now Vishal is a coach in our major project “Shakti Girls” and gives training to Under 16 girls.

In his future Vishal aims to gain more expertise in coaching and develop football in his area especially for girls.



Community Engagement

Who knows about the ‘Sawchh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission)’ ? We do! It’s a great original mission initiated by the Indian Government on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s anniversary. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Government to spread not only awareness but also the solution to how to clean up every corner of India.

The solution is simple: “If every one of us starts putting the garbage into the dustbin rather than throwing it out, then the nation will be forever clean.”


One of the communities we have been working with is that of Kamptee in Nagpur. We first started our relationship with Kamptee when we launched our Edu-kick project in one of their girl’s school. Through Edu-kick, we became aware of many complex of issues; one of which was the cleanliness of the school grounds. The girls have a playground which is not often cleaned and over time becomes severely littered and unsafe, attracting animals to roam the grounds. When the girls come to the school and try to play football, they face multiple problems; including contracting illnesses. This was then resulting in the girls avoiding going to school and the surrounding environment of the school was also worsening.


During a session one of our coaches observed a man throwing garbage on the ground. We, as Slum Soccer went to the community and saw the problem for ourselves. Without any further ado, we gathered our all the staff and the community members who play football on the pitch. On the 17th of March, we took action and went to clean the play ground to leave the girls to freely play and enjoy their session further. It was not only our initiative but the girls who are in only 3-4 standard also took the dustbin and joined in on the mission with us! The ground was buzzing with activity and excitement. The girls were not feeling ashamed but proud that they were making a difference in the community.

“We eat to survive, we drink to survive and why not cleaning the environment so that we can get everything easily which will give us better and bigger life”quoted Amina (Class – 4)


Many of the parents, community members, and youth noticed what we and the girls were achieving; which sparked a sense of pride and ownership. This made them step forward to help us make the mission a success! The community members previously felt like it was not their job to clean the surrounding mess, but after seeing what we and the school girls achieved, it made them realize that we as a community are responsible for our own environment.

Common Goal Supports the Menstrual Hygiene Management project

Slum Soccer is very honoured to announce that the Menstrual Hygiene Management [MHM] project has been selected as one of the assignments that Common Goal will be funding throughout 2018.  The current MHM project has come about through a collaboration betweenSlum Soccer with WASH United. The project has been ongoing since 2017 where both the organisation joined forces to help educate school girls across Nagpur on issues surrounding menstrual hygiene as part of their physical education.


Common Goal; an outstanding initiative where acclaimed professional football players and managers from across the globe donate a percentage of their salaries to help support various causes, selected MHM as one of their chosen projects to support. The pool of donations collected in Common Goal are used to support organisations like Slum Soccer to run one of their many projects aimed at bettering the lives through the medium of football. Current donators include Manchester United’s Juan Mata, Barcelona FC’s Olga Garcia, Juventus’s Giorgio Chiellini, not to mention a further 33 other big and generous names across the industry!


The specifically chosen MHM project has been developed for girls aged between 10 and 17 to address common taboos, provide information on the menstrual cycle and puberty and to teach them how to safely and hygienically manage their menstrual period. Slum Soccer will use the support from Common Goal, to continue deploying 120 sessions across 15 schools in the region of Nagpur during Physical Education lessons. By the end of the project the sessions aim to have educated approximately 1500 school girls.

For the project to gain the recognition and support from Common Goal is a great privilege and further highlights the increased urgency of reaching out to young females about such sensitive issues.

Slum Soccer acknowledges the complex topic that the MHM project is aiming to tackle. The information surrounding such sensitive and personal issues has to be delivered tactfully. This difficult task that Slum Soccer and WASH United have undertaken will be easier achieved with the recent support from Common Goal.

Kerala men’s and Chhattisgarh women’s team lift  The National Inclusion Cup


The Kerala men’s team and the Chhattisgarh Women’s team emerged victorious as champions of the 2018 National Inclusion Cup in Mumbai. Kerala beat Vidarbha 8-3, while Chhattisgarh took the top honours in a closely fought encounter beating Uttarakhand 5-3.

Kerala, who entered the finals beating West Bengal, rode on four goals from Praveen, together with Manikandan and Vishnu shooting eight past the Vidarbha side beating favourites Mumbai. The Women’s final though was a closely fought contest where Chhattisgarh prevailed over Uttarakhand 5-3, thanks to Pranshu’shat-trick.


“While there are winners emerging from every tournament, for us all participants coming from across the country, including from Nepal, were the real highlights of The National Inclusion Cup. This football tournament was played in the true spirit of participation and inclusiveness and that’s what defines our success.” said Dr. Vijay Barse, Founder, Slum Soccer.

Smriti K Singh, CHRO, Sony Pictures Networks India, said, “I am moved by the traction this movement is seeing in impacting more of India’s youth and putting them on a path of change and development via football. We are happy to support this journey and hope for a better India through such initiatives”

Kedar Teny, Sr. VP Marketing & Promotions – Sports, Sony Pictures Networks India said, “Ironic as it may sound, while there will be a men’s teamand a women’s team that will represent India in the World Cup for the homeless at the end of this National Inclusion Cup, the home that slum soccer has provided to these children with little or no hope is amazing and incredible. It’s providing them hope, exposure, love, an opportunity to develop into leaders and most importantly an opportunity to develop into better human beings. It’s the kind of Social engineering that India needs. This is a great example of small actions that make a big difference.

Slum Soccer commenced the National Inclusion Cup from February 20 – 23 2018. A total of 48 teams from various states across India and Nepal participated in the men’s and women’s category of the league-cum-knockout format tournament at Tiger Play in Lokhandwala, Andheri, Mumbai.

It commenced with the teams from Gujarat, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Assam, Manipur & Nepal. A total of 480 players will participate in the event across 24 men’s and 24 women’s team.

Mumbai, February 20 2018: Mumbai’s men and women team dominated proceedings on Day 1 of The National Inclusion Cup organised by Slum Soccer here at Tiger Play, Lokhandwala, Andheri on Tuesday.

Opening the day’s proceedings against Jammu & Kashmir, the men’s team of Mumbai beat the visitors 5-3 in the first Group A match. Andhra Pradesh too couldn’t match the intensity home side brought and were handed a 1-4 loss in what was their second encounter of the day.


The women’s team matched their counterparts form. They beat Delhi 4-1 in their opening encounter followed by an exciting 3-2 win over Kerala in the second outing.

The tournament’s opening ceremony opening day saw the presence of superhit film Sairat’s actor Akash Thosar to cheer up the participants alongside Slum Soccer founder Vijay Barse, CEO Abhijeet Barse and CHRO of Sony Pictures Network, Smriti Singh.

Men: Meghalaya beat Punjab 6-5; Delhi beat Telangana 4-1;  West Be gal beat Maharashtra 6-2; Tamil Nadu beat Gujarat 7-0; Mumbai beat Andhra Pradesh 4-1; Chhatisgarh beat Odisha 4-3; Nepal beat Uttar Pradesh 6-1; Uttarakhand beat Assam 3-1; Goa beat Manipur 6-2; Haryana beat Madhya Pradesh 5-0; Andhra Pradesh beat Jharkhand 4-2; Vidarbha beat Kerala 4-2; Mumbai beat J & K 5-3


Women: Haryana beat Maharashtra 5-0; Madhya Pradesh beat J & K 8-0; Andhra Pradesh beat Jharkhand 4-3; West Bengal beat Punjab 5-3; Meghalaya beat Tamil Nadu 3-0; Mumbai beat Delhi 4-1; Vidarbha beat Gujarat 3-0; Kerala beat Telangana 2-2 (On Penalties); Uttarakhand beat Manipur 5-5 (On Penalties); Uttar Pradesh beat Assam 1-0; Odisha beat Goa 11-0; Chhatisgarh beat Nepal 2-0; Mumbai beat Kerala 3-2; Vidarbha beat Andhra Pradesh 4-1

Mumbai, February 21, 2018: Former England goalkeeper David James gave a pleasant surprise to the young participants of The National Inclusion Cup 2018) by showing up at the tournament to encourage and motivate the youth. The event has 48 teams participating from 24 different states and it includes two teams from Nepal.

The custodian who made over 50 appearances for England, visited the ongoing tournament and shared his experiences with the youth. The 47-year old was thoroughly impressed with the talent he saw there. “I have been involved with similar organisations in England and have donated loads of kits to charity to help the homeless football players there. These organisations do exactly what Slum Soccer is doing here to represent the country at Homeless World Cup,” said James.


Feb 22 2018, MUMBAI: It was a mixed day for Vidarbha teams as the Men’s team qualified for the finals of the 2018 National Inclusion Cup here in Mumbai on Thursday. The team beat favourites Mumbai 4-2 in the first semifinals. Meanwhile, the women’s team from Vidarbha couldn’t repeat the men’s team’s feat as they lost to Uttarakhand 2-6.

The men’s team meanwhile will take on Kerala in the finals who beat West Bengal 3-2 in a closely fought encounter. But the match of the day was the second semifinals of women’s category where Chhattisgarh and Orissa played out a 4-4 draw for the match to go in penalties. Chhattisgarh women’s team survived the penalty shootout 6-5 to reach the summit clash where they will meet Uttarakhand.

Nepal’s women’s team made their long trip to Mumbai worthy as they entered the finals of Women’s Cup 2 beating Kerala 2-1. The National Inclusion Cup 2018 is a CSR Initiative of Sony Pictures Network.

We thanks the participating states, the main sponsors Sony Pictures Networks India, partners, and all the supporters who helped us make this tournament a huge success .



Kit donation with little kickers and coaches training.

Young participants of our program were in for a treat when Little Kickers Honk Kong donated 200 shoes. The gifts were given by local community in Hong Kong which extended its support to Little kickers for the noble cause. The shoes were donated at the hands of Alexander King Director of Coaching, Little Clickers Hongkong on 17th February 2018.

Alex who is a B licensed coach Said, “Our appeal for the noble cause got response beyond our expectations.’’ Kids were happy with the shoes and enjoyed the game of football.


Alex coached football in countries like in Brazil, South Africa. He also delivered training through on-field as well as off-field session at Slum Soccer pitch.

His on – field session started with the topic turns. Alex made the coaches to understand that a session needs a clear structure and every game needs to contain some parts of the actual ball turn, with increasing difficulty. He asked to start session with a warm up, later on he shared certain techniques and asked the players to work out practically on that. There was a small sided game in which the participants used freshly acquired skill. It appeared very theoretical but during the session coaches didn’t recognize it at all, They had a lot of fun and improved ball turning skills enormously.

In the classroom Alex explained his session structure to the coaches and gave insights in 3 coaching methods, which are command, question and answer, and guided discovery.


During the class room session he referred back to the moments on the pitch and explained the situation. Coaches found that guided discovery means students learn the right technique through trying out and small hints of the coach.  That method increased the probability of the student remembering the technique and actually implementing it in their match performance. All in all Alex showed new games a better structure as well as a better way to teach through guided discovery.


First aid training

“An injured Lion still wants to roar”, our coaches face injuries every day during sessions and during tournaments. It is very important for the coaches to treat injuries fast and with competence that the players can “roar” again. To educate our coaches to prevent injuries from getting serious threats to the health of the players we organised a first aid training conducted by Dr. Atul Fillipose on 15th February 2018 at Slum Soccer Academy Bokhara Nagpur. 30 coaches and leaders attended the training.


It was completely focussed on sports injuries and actions we should take to help the players.

First of all the doctor showed us how to use the tools in the first aid box e.g. how to make a compression or how to bind a sling on a broken arm of a player. Furthermore he explained us what the perfect first aid kit should contain. The doctor was giving practical examples of the most common injuries you would approach on a football pitch.


Afterwards, Dr. Fillipose introduced us to the first aid of life threatening injuries. The coaches received the perfect preparations to deliver first aid on and off the pitch. They were then assigned to do different exercises like the hard pressure massage and feeling the pulse with a partner.


The program gave our coaches crucial information to guarantee quality treatment of injuries during our programs. The program then was concluded with answering the queries of the coaches.

Training of trainers of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)

Most of the girls in India mainly in rural areas are unable to play or rather leave their house during their menstruation. Lack of knowledge, awareness and support of their parents lead to school misses, mostly one week a month. It was not only affecting girls’ education but also their future opportunities.

To go about this issue and empower girls enough to do everything as if the challenge of Menstruation wouldn’t exist.


As a first step we organised a training of trainers to understand and modify the MHM curriculum to make the change possible. It was organised on 17th Feb 2018. Ms. Shilpi Lather Senior Design Consultant, Wash United and Ms. Kinjal Sharma, Trainer, Wash-United were there for delivering the training Session on the field as well as off the field.

The training started with introduction of the Wash United trainer and designer. Afterwards an ice-braker activity was conducted. It helped the trainees to get comfortable with the trainers. They introduced the tree analysis to our coaches which helped them to bring about solution. During the training session trainees went through the MHM guide which helped them to become familiar with the guide and understand the content.


To make it more comprehensive they practised the games with amongst the coaches. Afterwards included discussion, feedback and question and answer session. It helped the Wash united authorities to understand the problems faced by MHM while delivering session on sensitive topic of Menstrual Hygiene Management.

After this class room session, there was an on the field session wherein the Wash United representative actively engaged all the trainers. After the game a feedback was given by the trainer from Wash-United. Slum Soccer trainers were introduced to the trainers resource book. MHM trainers were asked to practice and deliver training session. After this exercise facilitation tips were given to the trainers.

All India U-14 Girls and Boys Football Tournament at Hinganghat.

Slum Soccer- Krida Vikas Sanstha Nagpur organized all India U-14 girls and boys football tournament  at Hinganghat on B.C.C. ground, Hinganghat Dist. Wardha , Maharashtra from 10th-13th of February 2018. Boys and Girls teams from Bengal, Delhi, Mumbai, Akola, Amravati, Wardha, Arvi , Karanja, Nagpur, Gondia, Chandrapur, Wani, Hinganghat, Yawatmal, Shirpur played in the tournament. Marathi Actress Tanuja Kadam and Mr. Krishnaji Vyapari were the guests of honor for the inaugural function.


On the second day of the tournament Zumba Aerobic Fitness team of Nagpur conducted a fitness class for the player. The class included activities to be done pre and post match to prevent injuries. Bengal and Hinganghat teams reached into the finals. The Bengal team won the final with a score of 2-0. Kaustubh Deshpande was awarded as the hero of the tournament who scored 7 goals. Mr. Khan from Bengal team won the best goal keeper award. Amravati  team got the third position in the tournament after beating Karanja in an intense match.

In the girl’s category Nagpur and Hinganghat played the final. Nagpur won the match with final score of 2-0. This tournament was conducted to interfere with the lives of those young stars as early as possible to give them the opportunity to have a better future through Football.


Slum Soccer emerges as champions of the first ever Nuster sports league in Nagpur!

After more than 2 months of participating Slumsoccers team supported by Divyansh Steel emerged as winners on January 28th. This sports league was an amazing opportunity for our coaches and leaders to participate and improve their football skills in playing football. It was organised by Nujster fitness. We enrolled two teams which were Divyansh Steel Slum Soccer A and Slum Soccer B who have been working relentlessly for the development of football in india and the development through football. A total of 12 teams from all across Nagpur took part in the competition.


The competition was 14 week’s of intense football action. Every Sunday each team would come and play a match. It increased the level of excitement and love for the game after every single match and attracted a lot of audience tot he university ground.

Slum Soccer’s both teams A & B opened their account with victories. The journey of both the teams in the tournament was amazing. Slum Soccer B team remained the top spot till the final. The team B never lost their game just dominated the tournament, However, the team B couldn’t make it to the final, whereas the A team had a fluctuating  performance in the pre playoff matches.

After qualifying for the play-off, our A team faced Planet Fashion Worriers and left the pitch as a winner after a thrilling penalty shootout. In the second semi final the team stole the victory from Slum Soccer B in the crunch time and made their way for the final clash.


Supporters, friends, and media came together to see the biggest spectacle the Nagpurian football scene has ever witnessed. Also the final was decided in an electrifying penalty shootout. Both finalists scored 4 goals out of 4 attempts and Pankaj Mahajan made a decisive save and left bhups to do the winning score.

The excitement reached unknown level when bhups Dahake went for the final penalty and converted a it into a historical winning goal.


Another first:  16th Maharashtra State tournament with 28 Teams

The 16th Nashikarao Tirpude Memorial Slum Soccer State championship concluded!

Nagpur Rural team won the 16th Nasikrao Tirpude Memorial Slum Soccer Championship by beating Mumbai district in the final played at the Slum Soccer’s Bokhara Ground in Nagpur . After the half time Mumbai was leading with 2-1. There was a tough fight in final. Player’s determination helped them to overcome problems in their life and emerged as shining stars. The final score was 3-3 & the match went into sudden-death stage. Nagpur Rural’s Goal Keeper Mohammad Shoeb made an incredible save and on the other hand Ruman Parvez converted penalty into a goal and wrote their name on the title of the 16th Nashikrao Tirpude Memorial Men’s State championship.


The tournament kicked off with the simple aim of bringing the underprivileged youth of the region together and provided them an opportunity to play and showcase their talent. 15 teams from all across Maharashtra including Mumbai, Sangli, Yavatmal, Wardha, Amravati, Pune, Gadchiroli, Nagpur, Nagpur Rural, Washim,  Akola, Ahamadnagar, Buldhana, Thane & Chandrapur partic pated in the tournament. The tournament was special because it was played on the first ever astro turf pitch in central India. It had a 4-A sided format which sounds easy but every single match was very interesting.

It was a league tournament. All the league matches were organized on first day. For every player  everything was new: the pitch, the rules, the teams and the atmosphere where they were playing. When the day one concluded, 8 teams made their way for the play-offs which were: Nagpur, Akola, Nagpur Rural, Wardha, Pune, Yavatmal, Mumbai and Sangli.

Group A Group B Group C Group D


10.20-10.40 WASHIM NAGPUR CITY 1–11 A
11.20-11.40 MUMBAI BULDHANA 9–0 D
11.40-12.00 THANE SANGLI 4–9 A
12.00-12.20 AKOLA AHMADNAGAR 8–5 B
12.20-12.40 WARDHA PUNE 8–7 C
12.40-1.00 YAWATMAL BULDHANA 16–0 D
2.00-2.20 NAGPUR CITY THANE 4–2 A
2.20-2.40 NAGPUR RURAL AKOLA 8–2 B
2.40-3.00 CHNDRAPUR WARDHA 3–4 C
3.00-3.20 YAWATMAL MUMBAI 4–6 D
3.20-3.40 WASHIM SANGLI 4–8 A
4.20-4.40 PUNE AMRAVATI 5–4 C
4.40-5.00 NAGPUR CITY SANGLI 5–2 A
5.20-5.40 CHANDRAPUR PUNE 2–4 C
5.40-6.00 WASHIM THANE 4–1 A
6.00-6.20 GADCHIROLI AKOLA 0–9 B
6.20-6.40 AMRAVATI WARDHA 7–5 C

Quarterfinals, Semi-finals and final matches were scheduled on Second day, From this point every match became a knockout match, which raised the pressure enormously.  The day started with an intense fight in the quarterfinal between Nagpur city and Akola, in which Nagpur city gained the victory by 5:2. In the second game Nagpur City performed well in their hometown. That resulted in an incredible 9:7 loss for  Wardha against Nagpur Rural. Pune team which travelled 720 km by train to participate in this tournament, in a match against Yawatmal in the third quarterfinal of the day, left the pitch as a loser after a shattering 3:6 loss. Special tactics of Yawatmal and a long journey were the reasons for Pune’s defeat. The fourth semi-finalist was decided in the last quarterfinal between Mumbai and Sangli. Mumbai triumphed due to a dominant appearance and a splendid performance of their striker with 11:4. The first Semi final between the two teams from Nagpur was a clash of Titans.  Because of the local rivalry we got to see an electrifying  ,intense but also fair match between the competitors. Nagpur Rural won with a convincing 12:0 victory.  In the second semi-final Mumbai team dominated Yawatmal with a 9:4 sweep. Before the final match between Mumbai and Nagpur Rural there was a game for the third place between Nagpur city and Yawatmal. Nagpur city showed its strength at home and achieved the third place by by winning over Yawatmal with a final score of 6:2.


Type Team 1 Team 2 Score Ranking tournament / final tournament
quarterfinal washim Gadchiroli 6–7 Ranking
quarterfinal Nagpur city Akola 5–2 Final
quarterfinal Ahmadnagar Chandrapur 2–6 Ranking
quarterfinal Nagpur Rural Wardha 9–7 Final
quarterfinal Thane Buldhana 4–0 Ranking
quarterfinal Pune Yawatmal 3–6 Final
quarterfinal Mumbai Sangli 11–4 Final
Semifinal 1 Gadhchiroli Chandrapur 2–9 Ranking
Semifinal 1 Nagpur City Nagpur Rural 0–12 Final
semifinal2 Thane Amravati 2–3 Ranking
semifinal2 Mumbai Yawatmal 9–4 Final
3rd Place Nagpur City Yawatmal 6–2 3rd Place
final Mumbai Nagpur Rural 5–6 Final

The closing ceremony was held right after the tournament’s final, in which Mr. Rajkumar Tirpude (President of Yugantar Education Society Nagpur), Founder & Secretary Pro. Vijay Barse, Tanvir Ahmad Corporator NMC, Prof. L. R. Malviya (President Slum Soccer) were present. The Guests handed over the trophies to the teams. Nagpur Rural won winner’s trophy, Mumbai was the first runner-up   and the Nagpur City was second runner up. Likewise, Amravati team got the award for fair play on and off the pitch in the tournament.  The guests addressed and encouraged the participants to continue playing football.


Standing of the teams 

Sr. No. Team Name Ranking


Nagpur Rural 1st


Mumbai 2nd


Nagpur City 3rd


Yawatmal 4th


Chandrapur 5th


Amaravti 6th


Thane 7th


Gadchiroli 8th


Wardha 9th


Sangli 10th


Akola 11th


Pune 12th


Washim 13th


Ahmadnagar 14th


Buldhana 15th


Thane district wrote their name on the title of 7th Kalatai Memorial slum soccer women’s state championship. 

Thane engraved it’s name on the 7th Kalatai Memorial slum soccer women’s state championship.

after beating Nagpur City by a big difference of 10-4. Final match was amazing. It was a thrilling time for both the audience and the players. In the first half the score was 5 (Thane) – 4 (Nagpur city). Although they are struggling hard for everything in their life, they put everything in their game to win. That’s why Slum Soccer started this tournament.

The tournament kicked off with the simple aim of bringing girls together to empower them and give them an opportunity to play football. On 29th of January,12 teams across Maharashtra came together including Nagpur City, Nagpur Rural, Thane, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmed Nagar, Akola, Washim, Chandrapur, Wardha, Yavatmal, & Amravati. The tournament was unique as girls played first time on first ever astro turf football pitch in Central India. Again it was 4-A sided format. The tournament started with league matches. On the first day all the league matches were played. 8 outstanding teams Thane, Nagpur City, Mumbai, Nagpur Rural, Ahmed Nagar, Washim, Yavatmal and Pune made their way for the quarterfinals.



team team score score group
Nagpur City Amravati  10 a
Wardha Mumbai  2 b
Thane Chandrapur  10 a
Washim Akola  11 b
Yawatmal Ahmed nagar  2 a
Nagpur rural Pune  2 b
Ngapur City Thane  4 a
Wardha Washim  0 b
Amravati Yawatmal  0 a
Mumbai Nagpur rural  2 b
Chandrapur Ahmed nagar  2 a
Akola Pune  1 b
Nagpur City Chandrapur a
Wardha Akola  3 b
Amravati Thane  0 a
Mumbai Washim  4 b
Chandrapur Yawatmal  0 a
Akola Nagpur rural  1 b
Ngapur City Yawatmal  4 a
Wardha Nagpur rural  1 b
Amravati Ahmed nagar  0 a
Mumbai Pune  3 2 b
Thane Yawatmal  7 a
Washim Nagpur rural  0 b
Ngapur City Ahmed nagar  7 a
Wardha Pune  2 b
Amravati Chandrapur  1 a
Mumbai Akola  4 b
Thane Ahmed nagar  8 a
Washim Pune  3 b

The second day started, and the quarterfinals were scheduled. From this point every match was a knockout match, which raised the pressure enormously.  The day started off with a unilateral quarterfinal between Thane and Pune, in which Thane gained the victory by 12:0. In the second game it turned out that teams from Nagpur perform well in their hometown. That resulted in an incredible 8:5 loss for the team from Yawatmal against Nagpur Rural. The team from Mumbai, which travelled more than 800 km by train to participate in this tournament, came against Ahmednagar in the third quarterfinal of the day. Ahmednagar left the pitch as a loser after a shattering 4:0 loss despite the long and outward journey of the opponent Mumbai. The fourth semi-finalist was decided in the last quarterfinal between Nagpur city and Washim. The home team Nagpur city triumphed due to a dominant appearance and an incredible match of their defence with 5:1. In the Semi final the teams Nagpur rural and Thane faced each other.  Both of the teams were seen as a potential finalist, due to the fact that there is only one place in the final for those teams we got to see an electrifying and intense but also fair match between the competitors. In this match Thane demonstrated their dominance through a convincing 9:2 victory.  Who is going to compete against the team from Thane for the title? The answer to this question was delivered in the second semi-final, which Nagpur city decided against Mumbai in their favour with a 7:1 sweep. Before we come to the final match between Thane and Nagpur city there was a game for the third place taking place. Also in this match a team from Nagpur showed its strength at home. Nagpur rural achieved the third place by a 5:3 win over Mumbai.

team team score score  Place
Washim Pune  3 Last group match
Chandrapur Akola  4 semifinal ranking
Thane Pune  12 quarter final tournament
Nagpur Rural Yawatmal  8 quarter final tournament
Wardha Amravati  5 semifinal ranking
Nagpur city Washim  5 quarter final tournament
Mumbai Ahmadnagar  4 quarter final tournament
 Thane Nagpur Rural  semifinal tournament
 Akola Amravti   0 third place ranking
 Nagpur City Mumbai   1 semifinal tournament
 Chandrapur Wardha  final ranking
 Nagpur Rural Mumbai  game for 3rd place tournament
 Thane Nagpur City  11 final


The final match was addressed by our Chief Guest Ketan Thakur,Prof. L. R. Malviya (President Slum Soccer)Founder & secretory Pro. Vijay Barse. They truly appreciate their effort for the betterment of society when they saw their courage to save the goal, their determination to score and will to win. The Guest handed out the trophies to the teams. The first place’s trophy was handed out to Thane, the second place to Nagpur City and the third Nagpur Rural. Likewise, Ahmed Nagar district was given Fair Play award. The guests addressed the participants and encouraged the participants to continue playing football.


Standing of the teams 

Sr. No. Name Rankings
1 Thane 1
2 Nagpur City 2
3 Nagpur Rural 3
4 Mumbai 4
5 Chandrapur 5
6 Wardha 6
7 Washim 7
8 Yawatmal 8
9 Ahmednagar 9
10 Pune 10
11 Amravti 11
12 Akola 12