An Experience of Splendid Performances & Euphoric Energies at Football3 Training Program (Nepal)

Football3 Training Program, organised by Childreach Nepal, was successfully delivered by the coaches Homkant Surandase and Pankaj Mahajan. Both of them were players themselves who with their dedication & efforts, have become coaches. The program commenced on January 25 and was concluded with organising a Football3 Festival for 120 children on January 27,  2017.

The program was so designed as to help them reach various schools of the areas they work in and get familiar with the Football3 concept. The first two days were about explaining them about Football3, how it is played and what social issues one can approach through this concept. The coaches exposed the participants to the components of a session for several times to ensure that they were properly understood.

Later, the participants were divided into five groups and delivered the sessions among themselves. One group experienced being a mediator while the others became participants. The participants gained confidence by understanding the concept after delivering several session and experiencing it as mediators, coaches & team members.

For the final day preparations, participants went on the ground to have a hands-on experience. They made sure that all the tasks, jobs, roles and responsibilities allotted were worked upon properly.

With great energy & passion, the participants didn’t care about the rains & the low temperature and celebrated the festival. The ground was buzzing with activities and excitement as the festival kicked off. Matches were enjoyable as the rules were to be set by the participants. The first four winner teams from each group made it to the semi-finals. The festival concluded with handing out trophies and the Fair Play Award.

The euphoria of the festival left everyone with great memories, encouragement to be a part of many such events and of course, playing more & more football!


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