Republic Day Celebration – Breaking Gender Stereotypes

On January 26, our Republic Day, children from Slum Soccer’s centres across Nagpur came together and celebrated the day with great enthusiasm. Football tournament was organised and 5 girls & 5 boys teams lighted the ground with their energies.

The tournament aimed at making the environment better and providing girls with an access to the football pitch. The tournament began with naming the teams. After every match, the names had to be changed as the players & teams were reshuffled. Everything went well and our faith in the fact that football plays a vital role of a mediator when there is a conflict between groups was proved again.

The specialty of this tournament was that the teams consisted of an equal number of girls and boys which means there was a 50:50 gender ratio. To form a team of 10 players, 5 boys out of each team were supposed to bring a girl to the ground who had never played football or any sport officially. Though challenging, the work was done well.

Sport is the most productive tool to bring a positive change. The girls who had never played before hesitated initially but played with full zeal once they were on the ground. It is the beauty of soccer; you cease to be a person and become a player irrespective of your gender, background or any other thing that might stop you from playing; you simply surpass every hurdle and become a champion.

After the matches, sessions consisted of awareness regarding environmental issues and our contribution to preserving nature and its elements. It is a law of nature that everything perishes with time, but it is also a law that everything that gets care & nourishment grows well and becomes an asset. It is the same with a person, too. Proper guidance, care, and direction make one a champion.



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