UNICEF Training – Physical Education Training at its Best

Physical Education (PE) is a great concept of fitness that begins at the primary school level but is often undervalued. If given the due importance that it deserves, it can be an asset for fitness and healthy living for everyone.

Slum Soccer, in association with UNICEF, Zilla Parishad (ZP, Chandrapur) and District Institute of Educational Training (DIET) has organised a Teachers’ Training Programme for 300 schools of ZP near Nagpur.

The programme is divided into three levels of development – Baseline, Mid-line & End line. It begins with Baseline where the on-going methods of teaching PE are analysed and the need gaps are filled in the training. The Midline & End line surveys help to track the line of development with the resources and training sessions included.

January 16 to 19, 2017 were the days that witnessed the first module of this programme. The scope of this project is limited to the primary section of the schools for now. The trainers and mentors are working on creating training manuals and methods for higher classes.

The District Institute has provided 4 training & monitoring offers (TMO) to work on this project. Slum Soccer’s trainers, along with the 4 TMOs, provide training to the resource persons from each school. The resource persons are responsible for the training of other teachers in their respective schools.

The training consists of structured methods of teaching PE to students. There are various training modules that assure the methodology is a balance between physical education and academic learning. Topics are as vast as safety to staying fit in various circumstances. It is a complete study of healthy living.

An application (app) is created so that the teachers can share the reports of their schools and the data is constantly updated. This helps in evaluation of methods and effectiveness of the programme.

The success of this project will help expand the scope to more than 1 lac schools across Maharashtra and gradually, most other schools in India. Truly, development is a process that requires good resources, undying efforts and a good amount of time of growth.

We are a nation of great strength as our maximum population is young. They are the asset, the resources and the future of our country. Their health and fitness will assure their success in the fields they choose to work in.

It is, as an organisation, a society and a nation, our responsibility to make sure that the youngsters get the best of awareness and education. Like they say, with great power comes great responsibility, we hope that we reach more and more people and our strength empowers them.


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