From Singapore to slums of Nagpur !

Sixteen-year-old Isha Sipahimalani is a football player and a die-hard fan of the sport. A resident of Singapore, her Indian roots keep her connected. Her sensitivity and courage make her work for those who are less privileged.

She came across Slum Soccer’s work of developing underprivileged children through the medium of football. She loved the concept and wanted to be a part of it. She was introduced to Shakti Girls – a real life initiative of empowering girls, a group of passionate woman football players, a symbol of strength and courage.

On February 2 & 3, 2017, Isha visited Slum Soccer in India. Her interest in connecting with the girls took her to their homes & schools, too. She understood the challenges faced by those girls regarding facilities of conveyance and other issues. She has contributed to their development by offering support for their sports kits.

Isha’s interaction with girls was full of energy. She stressed on empowerment and how one should always try to improve and grow in life.

Sport is an amazing medium to grow, to learn and to move towards a higher goal in life. It makes us feel proud the way women are carving a niche in every field and becoming inspirational examples for everyone.


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