Refereeing towards success: pathways for progress.

Slum Soccer is nurtured on a strong belief of a development system that works inside out. The core of this lies in the lives that have been with us, grown with us and now, lead many others to the right direction.

Once players, these talented individuals have enhanced their decision-making and game skills with appropriate guidance from the mentors, rigorous training sessions and consistent practice of the sport.

A Referee Training Programme was organised on February 5 & 6, 2017 at Slum Soccer Academy, Bokhara in Nagpur. 14 talented players participated in the programme. This event holds a special place of importance, as it is one of its kind and a pioneer to the idea of this initiative.

Homkant Surandase, Anju Turambekar and Andy Hook enlightened the players in a 360-degree approach to training consisting of theory and practice sessions. Homkant Surandase is Slum Soccer’s Program Manager; Anju Turambekar is Grassroots License Instructor of the All India Football Federation (AIFF); and Andy Hook is Development Manager of Street Soccer Scotland. The training concluded with a mini-tournament among 3 Men’s & 3 Women’s teams.

A referee has to effectively manage various areas from making sure that the match is a fair play to favourable ground arrangements & management of the scoreboard. The trainees had a hands-on opportunity to experience all this and a lot more. The training program brought the best in them to light and they went back with more aspirations and a lot of learning.




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