GameChangers Module one


Champions always play fair and by rules. They are the real game changers. Slum Soccer’s Module One of Project Game Changers was organised from March 28 to 30, 2017 in Nagpur and April 24 to 26th April in Mumbai. Participants from various areas and locations in Maharashtra came together for the 3-day Youth Leadership Programme. At Nagpur, Taywade College campus was provided for the programme, for Mumbai it was Gyan Darshan in Andheri East.

It was an unusual training session where the expectations of the participants were taken into consideration. This is a rare feat. The first day began with the introduction and induction. Slum Soccer’s concept of Football for Development was the medium of training. Leadership training, Identity and Gender Equality were the topics of focus. The second half was about Effective Communication and addressed questions such as ‘How to communicate effectively?’, ‘The methods of communication’, ‘What, when, where’ and so on.

The next day began with the ‘Reflection of the (previous) Day’ report read by one of the participants. It consisted of the learning of the previous day so as to establish a connection with the next day. A session on leadership and social management was followed by storytelling session on ‘empathy’. Participants were asked to perform or display what they learnt. Their presentations were evaluated and improvements suggested.

The last day of the tournament mainly focused on problem recognition and handling. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment were taught via Sport. The concluding tournament’s highlight was ‘Fair Play’. The magnificent delivery by the teams made the day an enriching experience. IMG_2092

The closing ceremony was a magnificent amalgamation of speeches by thought leaders Dr Sharayu Taywade, Professor Suryavanshi,  Pranit Gedam, and Professor Vijay Barse. The positive impact of the programme was training 60 gems, polishing their skills; They shall reach more people. It is about creating leaders who will create more leaders and the chain of development will continue to grow healthily.


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