Homeless World Cup Trial camp 2017



Every year since 2007  we have been selecting the best players across India who represent our country in the Homeless World Cup Tournaments. The first selection trials for 2017 took place on April 18 & 19 at Nagpur.

20 best players selected from the National Inclusion Cup participated in the trials. 8 boys and 8 girls were chosen among them. The trails are not only about playing the game of football, but also about having a second chance in life to transform oneself.

The trials began with an introductory session by the coaches and trainers. There were various sessions based on the performances, worldwide strategies of the players & teams, team coordination and so on. Each and every game, performance and player were observed by coaches and trainers. The details were analysed and improvement tactics implemented. Also, the background, the personal and professional details of all the players were checked and verified. This would help them while participating in any international match.

There shall be another selection trail for the Homeless World Cup. The reassessment is useful in taking out the best players and working on them for international games. It is a big responsibility to make sure that the opportunities reach the right people so that every talent is utilised. A player contributes to a team as much as he/she does to a society or a nation. A systematic training approach and consistent efforts create great players.

HWC trails have brought together the most deserving players from some of the most neglected parts of the country who will be representing India internationally. They shall go through rigorous training sessions. The dream team will represent India in the Homeless World Cup and bring home laurels.


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