Workshop on creativity and game designing


A two-day workshop, conducted from 10-11th May, on game designing and capacity building for leaders, was held at the Bokhara Centre. The goal was to learn how to design soccer games that were educative and amusing in nature. The first day of the workshop mainly focused on understanding the art of teaching and learning to connect education with soccer. The leaders were challenged in the classroom to come up with creative ways of teaching Mathematics, English and various other subjects using techniques like dribbling, tackling and attacking. They were taught the process of coming up with a game plan and designing a curriculum. They were also given lessons on soft skills and teamwork.

The second day focused more on application and implementation. The leaders were taught many games on the soccer field in order to make them more self-reliant, such that they are able to resolve problems on their own using soccer as a tool. They were also given lessons on leadership and empathy which was followed by a feedback session in which the leaders helped each other in improving the structure of the games they designed.

The final day ended on a cheerful note, with smiles on their faces and a feeling of unending passion in their hearts.

“To really lead is to grow more leaders and to shine a light on people’s gifts and talents” – Robin Sharma.


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