UEFA Grassroots Day

IMG_3860 (2)

Summer time means a lot of fun time for most kids, however for children from slum areas, this leaves a lot of time to engage in mischief or to just while their time away. With this in mind, we conducted a “Grassroots Summer Camp” from 8-15th May, 2017 at 5 different slum locations in Nagpur, supported by Anders Hellermark. The goal was to reach out to children from underprivileged backgrounds and train them in football along with teaching them some important life skills. The program was conducted in the following locations – Taywade, Gumpthi, Gumthala, Sevanand and Bokhara.

Around 200 children participated in this training program across all locations. We concluded the program at the Slum Soccer academy Bokhara by organizing Grassroots Football tournament (4-A sided) to celebrate UEFA Grassroots day.

Children experienced matches as well as workshop on team work, health and wellness.

The winning team from Bokhara lifted the ’Anders trophy’.


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