Capacity Building for Coaches with CAC 

The coaches capacity building aimed towards continues development of our coaches  was organised from 5th to 10th of November at slum soccer Academy Bokhara Nagpur with 30 new coaches and 15 senior coaches. They work hard, conduct session and spread social awareness through the medium of football. This makes it very important to keep reinforcing their ideas, strength, creativity and most importantly building their confidence to have bigger impact in wider communities.

We have been a long partner with coaches across continents who come down every year to India and support our coaches, leaders and players knowledge with proper guideline, information and trainings. Since 2010 through their support we have trained number of coaches and leaders to be beacons of inspiration in their communities to spread awareness about issues like Gender equality, Female empowerment, child rights and abuse, Nutrition, HIV, Menstrual health management, LGBTQ etc.


This year came down in India to not just to train our coaches in terms of games but also looked deeper into game designing and delivery.

The program was organised from 5th to 10th of November at slum soccer Academy Bokhara Nagpur with 30 new coaches and 15 senior coaches.

This year the coaches were exposed to the element of game designing which made the coaches more aware of what they had never though of the issues like Menstruation and exclusion in the communities of LGBTQ. The process itself was a teacher to them. While creating games be it on menstruation or LGBTQ, they themselves found out the reasons of this unawareness and lack of information and brought together to teach through football.

I have worked with the Slum soccer coaches right from the beginning of coaching and I am tell you, it has been a tremendous growth. Their dedication, determination and aspiration have brought them this far. I really appreciate the changes they are making here in India, says Nick Gates 


After the program all the coaches were looking so much enthusiastic to get back to their homes and start working with double pace.


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