World Toilet Day is all about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Today, 4.5 billion people live without a household toilet that safely disposes of their waste. The Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015, include a target to ensure everyone has access to a safely-managed household toilet by 2030. This makes sanitation central to eradicating extreme poverty.

In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly officially designated November 19 as world toilet day. World Toilet Day is coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with governments and partners. Access to a safe functioning toilet has a positive impact on public health, human dignity, and personal safety, especially for women. Sanitation systems that do not safely treat excreta allow the spread of disease. About 892 million people around the world practice open defecation.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) aims to achieve sanitation for all and end open defecation. World Toilet Day exists to inspire people to take action toward achieving this goal.

Nearly 80% of the participants we work with don’t have toilet at home. Be it a girl or boy it is absolutely dangerous for them to go out for toilet. The most scariest information we got from girls is they go out early morning to make sure they are not seen by anyone. They feel unsafe for that particular moment but without having any choice they have to go out. Boys like going out. They feel safe and relaxed. This disinformation is making them unhealthy.


To convert all this disinformation into right information on the occasion of World Toilet day, we raised awareness by spreading importance of sanitation and toilets to children, made them aware about the diseases which could be spread by practicing defecation in open and inspired children to take action for sanitation crisis in their communities by simply playing football games based on health and hygiene and sanitation. Through our games we instilled good habits in particular importance of “using clean and proper toilet” and sent back as a group of agents for change in their community.

More than 80 girls and boys got aware through the same based on the issue and stepped towards social change physically, mentally and socially for and in their communities. They will help the people of their community in proper sanitation and spread It among them.


After all Healthy isn’t a goal, it is a way of living!


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